❝Tubi❞ The Night Clerk Watch

❝Tubi❞ The Night Clerk Watch

runtime: 90 Min

Rating: 4841 Votes

Genre: Crime, Mystery

star: Tye Sheridan

Michael Cristofer

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Some of the parts may have been slow, but there was an amazing story here that had great acting to go with it.

This movie is focused on one young lad called Bart when has Asperger’s and has an obsession with watching love camera footage of his overnight guests. He’s a little qwirky, likeable but that’s as far as the movie goes for me. Just not enough plot.
As someone with ASD (the new name for Asperger’s) albeit far milder, I can relate to Bart.
Both Tye Sheridan (Bart) and Ana de Armas (Andrea) were fantastic, Tye especially so.
I understood the need for Bart to do what he did, although I would recognise it as wrong, it helped him function as close to normal as possible.
The story line was good – I really enjoyed it.


Good idea, good performances, good cast, interesting start to the film, but it loses its way quickly and becomes a meandering bore with some scenes that are hard to accept. Even the payoff is unsatisfying.
It seems like a film my high school film program would make. If this film was made by a high school film class, I would be really impressed. However, this is not made by someone in a high school film level. The actors were fine but the story. what? There was no reward to the viewer for sitting through the story building. Parts were leading somewhere but the somewhere was missing. I can’t even tell what the plot was supposed to be, seems like a cheap 2 hamburger from McDonalds. The building seemed like it was leading to a good, thick, juicy burger from Red Robins but no. When the movie ended, I was caught by surprise that that was it. Felt unsatisfied, leaving me think this was rushed, and even more surprised this was released in February 2020. aren’t movies supposed to get better or at least not be this unsatisfying? It is evolving, just backwards…

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