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In the waning months of the Third Reich, the unpopular ten-year-old German boy, Johannes "Jojo" Betzler, can't wait to join the ranks of the Nazi Party's youth organisation, during an intense training weekend that guarantees to separate the men from the boys. Massively into swastikas and ready to give up his life for his megalomaniac idol, Adolf Hitler, instead, the Führer's tiny number one fan gets kicked out of the Hitler Youth after a disastrous first assignment in front of his peers–an ignominious defeat that earns Jojo an equally degrading nickname. Now, with nothing but time on his hands, Johannes is in for a rude awakening when he accidentally unearths his progressive mother's well-hidden secret and comes face-to-face with a shocking new reality so much different from the hypnotic indoctrinations he's absorbed. But, does everything happen for a reason? Are the others always the enemy? In a mad world, devoured by fear and prejudice, is youthful innocence humankind's redemption?
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First of all, I haven’t read the book by Christine Laurens this movie is based on, but the teaser and trailer for the movie got me immediately hooked.
By the trailer, you can assume it is comedy, but it is far more than that, believe me. Today I had the opportunity to see the movie, and what a movie this is.
It starts as a comedy as seen in trailer, but after a few minutes into it, you realize that it is a serious war drama with comedy in the right places. In my opinion, there wasn’t a movie which can balance comedy and tragedy this good, at least not in recent time I remember. For a movie with a dark theme, this one looks so colorful, but it seems that is the point since it is seen from the young boy perspective, and Taika Waititi’s movies are full of bright colors.
The cast is perfect; Thomasin, Scarlett, Taika, Alfie, Rebel, Archie as Yorki, and my favorite Sam Rockwell as eccentric Captain Klenzendorfbut, hats off to young Roman Griffin Davis as Jojo – he really caries the movie. Usually, I really disliked Rebel Wilson’s appearance in movies, not because of her alone and her acting (she’s really good actually) but the type of the movies she was in are not my “cup of tea. But here, she fits absolutely perfect as crazed nazi woman, and she nailed it. From now on, you have my sympathies, young lady.
Taika is genius at his own at filmmaking, his movies are always full of great soundtrack and that style is what gets me more into the movie.
I must thank all of the crew behind this for beautiful movie experience, it is one of the years best, no doubt about it. So, obviously, this is a must watch!
And all of you who cheers for war and more hate, take a look at this one here among the others, and ask yourself – is the war what you really want? Because sooner or later, it will come at your front door and that is a bitter truth.

If u like dark comedies then this one fits the bill. The ending was kinda sad.